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It today’s relationship economy, interaction, online history and transparency grow as the norm.  People buy from, work with and trust people.  Resumes cannot delve into the personal account needed to make that first impression connection.  The changing landscape is demanding we become storytellers in all faucets of our business.  It’s the story that brings connection and lasting memory.

Out with the Resume Enter Your About Page

As a creative and entrepreneur I haven’t used a resume in many years.  Anyone who has ever asked I simply passed.  After creating yet another niche website I decided to do some research on the dreaded Your About Page, one of the hardest pages I ever have to write.

During this search I found some pretty cool articles, blogs, and personalities.  What really hit home was the point that in today’s social media driven world, who you really are, matters, big time, especially online.

The top hit, Michael Margolis, and his viral post “The Resume is Dead, The Bio is King.” Love it.  The blog is pretty amazing and contains all kinds of great online business and marketing tidbits, videos of top personalities, etc.

Interview with Michael on Your About Page

In his post Michael states the real key questions you need to address in your about page are:

  1. Who am I?
  2. How Can I help you?
  3. How did I get here?
  4. Why Can you trust me?
  5. What do we share in common?

His key pointers for creating your about page

  • Share a point of View
    Michael says go big, share your perspective and unique view on the problems you are solving for others, an industry, etc.  This is where you get to share a unique part of your perspective.
  • Create a Backstory
    This by far might be the toughest and most important pieces of the puzzle.  This is the real meat of the story, your life, you. It’s your success, failure and rise again to where you are and why you are doing what you are doing.  Think beginning, middle and end.
  • Incorporate External Validators
    Testimonials, working with others, successes, accolades, wins, etc.  This is also a big opportunity to make the connection of what you do to what your audience is familiar with and prove  your story.
  • Invite people into a relationship
    I love how he puts this, “vulnerability is the new black.”  Once you’ve established yourself as having something to offer, a point of view, who you are, now is the time to really share.  Reach out with hobbies, interests, and make yourself really human and approachable and make that invite to connect.

story telling the power of your story for business your about page

The second great info piece I found was The Story of Telling website, by Bernadette Jiwa.  This is her business, helping people and businesses connect and brand through their story, simply amazing.

If you are a marketer or are studying and learning how to market yourself, product or business, chances are you’ve heard of storytelling for business.  It’s the wave, and chances are if we are not learning to convey our message in a more storytelling style, we will get left behind.  If you pay attention, you will see it everywhere.  Are you Familiar with Mr. Mayhem of Allstate?

Bernadette Jiwa’s article 10 Rules for writing a compelling ‘About Me’ Page, gives up some really good golden nuggets here. Notice the similarities and additions.  Her big tip, ‘write like you speak’.  I like that. How many times will we try to outshine ourselves in our writing?  See the blog piece for the fill ins, she’s got some great insights.

  1. Know who you are talking to
  2. Don’t just lead with facts
  3. Share your values
  4. Show yourself
  5. Tell the story of your professional journey
  6. Tell people how you can help them
  7. Demonstrate you’ve provided solutions for others
  8. Give a sense of what it’s like to work with you and why they can trust you
  9. Add a contact link
  10. Don’t make it all about you

Bernadette also gave some great examples, which I have posted below.  Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me.  And as Michael says, “It’s never to late to reinvent your story.”
Find one that resonates with you, and get started on your own.

Bernadette’s Jiwa’s about page.  Wow, when you got it going on, you got it going on.

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What’s your biggest struggle or insight in Creating your about page?


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