Help When You Need It

No matter where you are in your project, sometimes you need a little help.

I work in credits.  The minimum is three (3) credit hours.  Hours can be broken down into 30 min blocks so you never pay for more then you need.  Simply buy 3 credits with the button.  Make sure to make a note in the payment box what it is for, the problem you are trying to solve and your budget if needed.  Feel free to drop me an email from the contact page anytime to ask in advance.  If you send money and for some reason I cannot help you, I will tell you so and promptly refund your money.

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    Buy Three Credits

    Once you buy the credits you now have time booked for help whenever you need it. The three credit hours will be billed to the half hour. Make sure to give a short synopsis of what you need done, your email and phone number if you want a call back.

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    Get Focused On Your Issue

    Make sure you have all your login info if needed, anything I will need to access your accounts, etc. And, a full, well thought out account of what you need. Do you need photos? Artwork? Is is purely technical? How many pages? Etc.

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    Book An Appointment

    Once I receive payment, I will reach out to you via email or phone if you have provided it. We can take that time to go over everything in as much detail as we can. I will do my best to look your needs over and give you an upfront estimation of how much time and costs are involved. If we cannot come to an agreement, I will promptly refund your monies.

3 Credits $225
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