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“Empowering people to STANDOUT not fit in”

I’m passionate about living an entrepreneurial lifestyle while supporting others in creating a life outside of the 40/40 rat race (40 hours a week for 40 years).  I’ve spent most of my life creating my own way as a photographer, skydiver and coach.  My parents died early from overwork never reaching the end of the rat race. Through witnessing firsthand the toll our American Dream takes on our lives I decided I would never join that perspective and have never looked back. Never once has my dream included waiting for retirement or climbing the ranks of big corporations.

Now, more than ever the world needs leaders, people willing to create a new innovative and self-sufficient.  The old business model of schlepping to work trading time for money is not only outdated but imprisoning. Never before has the world seen such unprecedented opportunity for individuals to create whatever life they want. If you are looking to embark on creating something new for yourself, I can help get you up and running with the accountability, knowhow and services you need.

Into The Sky

When I graduated collage, some of my most accomplished peers where taking ‘wait and hope’ jobs for penny’s on the hour.  My response was to do something different so I started skydiving, bought an old school bus and traveled the country and then the world.  Our community is global where everyone was an entrepreneur at some level.  From manufactures, inventors, service, instruction or sales, it was all about living the dream, not just surviving it.  Carving my own way on the road gave me background experience in advertising, promotion, writing, selling, servicing, sales, teaching and leadership.

Harry Parker Wing Suit PilotLife at Altitude

As a photographer, instructor and coach my entire world was going through one of the most exciting and terrifying first experiences possible, one’s first skydive. I’ve learned to teach, deal and help people excel through some of the most intense pressure situations imaginable. Being a part of people breaking their own barriers and have loved every minute of it. Being in the middle of this process is empowering and filled with freedom.  Traveling the world with a global network and living life on the edge with your closest friends is nothing short of a thrilling lifestyle.

And risking it all for the $20 bill has its lifespan.


After taking on a couple of injuries my mortality began to set in. Paying the bills, feeling the pressure of age, a non-existent 401k, and nothing towards a failing social security payout, my course needed adjustment.

Here I was leading, creating, living and incredible life when the stark realization that my vision and plan wasn’t big enough.  I often joked I’d rather live under a bridge in a refrigerator box then get a 9-5 drone job.  And here I was looking at that as a stark reality.

Getting Online

The ability to learn risk management allowed me to co-organize some of the first events of their kind in Asia and the U.S. creating real competitions and extreme demonstration events.  My biggest tools back then were emails and pdf’s.  Those successes drove home the power of the internet and the global digital economy.  I was hooked.  Back to the drawing board took me through years of self-development, marketing, and branding education.

Anyone who has looked online to reinvent themselves will tell you the pitfalls are many. Since the early 2000’s the online money making scams are relentless and anyone navigating “opportunities” will attest. Slowly, I took what nuggets I liked, made sense and slowly built my own presence online through websites and social media.  All this took a big leap when I finally found SFM and DEA.  A place of real ‘what’s working now’ education one isn’t going to get in school.  A company and product line built around a community eager to share and learn together. It was all I needed to start helping other people get online immediately, including animal caregivers, photographers, skydivers, teams, ATM services, bars, counseling and coaching.  The new digital marketing space is applicable to any business and dream.

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You have the choice to either live an extraordinary life or an ordinary life.  Living an extraordinary life requires one to cultivate a mindset capable of creating big enough visions, goals and habits.  If you are ready to commit to yourself, I am ready to commit to you.

As the never ending financial crises ever looms, many are forced to turn away from the possibility of job security and reinvent themselves for the digital age.  My mission is to help people in that transition and those reaching a point of “what’s next.”  The world needs you to become a leader for yourself and the world around you, not just look for someone to follow or build their dream.

You Can Too:

If you are struggling with indecision or fear with getting started online, I can help you develop confidence in both life and business.  You will create a clear vision and plan for getting to where you want to go and build. It’s only natural to put off building your dreams for another day.  I’ve been there.  My family was not filled with entrepreneurs and mentors.  If I can do it, so can you.  Most people just need a little support, information and some accountability.
I work with people one-on-one and in groups. Working with people is so much more fun than working for people.  When you meet someone who is just as excited about what you are as you are doing it, that’s magical.
My belief is we all have something special to give the world around us and I stand for being there for people ready to create something big and new in their lives.  I believe living in gratitude and dedication to the world around us is important aspect of respect for all the wealth, education, and opportunity we are born into.  We all have a passion and a dream. What’s yours?

Stuff I love:

I love to travel, real adventure traveling. Allowing BASE jumping to lead the travel is more than fun, its living life all out.  The ocean is a second home, sailing, surfing, fishing and hanging at a tiki bar.  Anything with flight calls. I got my pilots licenses long ago and prepare to fly more, maybe get my helicopter rating.  My next flight quest is parasailing or hang gliding.  Skiing, and snowboarding is by far the best taste winter has to offer.  I love sushi too.  What do you like?

Ready to create something?

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Harry Parker

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