resumes are dead bios are in

Your About Page Your Story

Resumes are out, Bios are. The power of your Story, of your Bio is the first step in any Entrepreneurs or businesses marketing strategy. Whats your story?

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How To Increase Your SEO With ONE Simple Trick

How to increase SEO on your WordPress Site with one simple fix.

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Facebook Announces Scheduled Posting

This is big!  Scheduled posting makes it easier to move forward in your campaigns by setting up posts in advance.  Imagine making five, ten or 15 posts ahead of time on a particular subject or product launch You could be posting to your Facebook Fan Page automatically while sipping coffee on a jet somewhere.  Perfect.…

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Welcome to Harry Parker Online

Here you will find solid advice to get you online.  Learn to create your own website, Find your voice and Market your products and services to the world!  

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